Monday, July 15, 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Humblebrag


Dear Uncle Gib & Family -

     Sorry I am late in sending you our first addition of our Shrine Temple News - But have been so busy getting my committees + appointments made that I have not had time to think. I have been gone Every night + working days it has been rough  - Things are beginning to slow dow[n]. 

     How is everyone [?] Fine I hope. This leaves us all well. Daryll is in the Navy at San Diego  + he sure likes it. don't think we will be able to get down this year but after we are out will try. We were in San Francisco for the East West game sure had a nice Time. 

     When you see everyone be sure + give them all our Love. Write when you can. 


This letter was written by Raymond Hoover Dancy to his Uncle Gilbert Dancy. After Ray's parents perished in a murder/ suicide, Uncle Gilbert raised Ray for several years. 

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