Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Unexpected Bounty

My husband's great aunt was chatting with her niece- my husband's cousin- and mentioned that I was doing some family history research. Fancy that! She'd saved what her mother had worked on and whatever else had come her way. We'll call her "C". C emailed and we introduced ourselves. She offered to scan what she had and pop it into an email. Knowing how time consuming and fun scanning is I imagined more than a month before I would see anything.

The very next day my inbox overfloweth! She provided such wonderful little tidbits. Most are extracts of extracts- not primary source material, but some looks like many times photo copied family bible page. My first one if so. (The other one that is close is children's names and birthdates entered in the leaves of a math book. We are a geeky lot.)

Another tidbit of interest she included was an invitation to a family reunion in 1988 (pictured). No guest list or author credit on that one but includes Fanny and George Washington Davis's picture. I would to know who holds the original but I'm quite pleased to have this copy. I mean- wow!

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