Sunday, April 21, 2013

Find a Grave

I love 'em, they are are awesome. Turns the physical world virtual. Even if I had the time I could never afford to travel to all these locations. If I had the money, I wouldn't have the time. Run by volunteers the premise is simple: Type up who is buried where and what the headstone says and a pic if possible.

I've been a member for a little over a year and observed the etiquette. Yes, I botched some requests, but most folks took the time to explain. I have met some incredible "helpers" that love the puzzle as much or more than I. Six months ago a lovely couple fulfilled a photo request- then out of the blue they emailed again saying they found another cluster of the same named folks- was I interested? You betcha! (Side note, I have not yet been able to link this cluster to my cluster other than the home town in Italy.)

Knowing how much I appreciate the photos, I took the plunge and offered to take photos of some local graves. I had been reticent to do so because I am not the best at geo-spatial -- oh I'll just say it- finding stuff IRL (in real life). As feared--couldn't find them. I found the cemetery, I found the front office, but Sunday of course they were closed.  I'll have to call their office during business hours to get plot location. 

The cemetery we went to supposedly was 40% photographed-- well that may be true but the interments for the whole military section at least, are not even listed. So, if I am bored, I have plenty to volunteer there. First to list, then to photograph. 

I have only sponsored one memorial (pay to take the ads off)  and only added about 10 memorials but it is a start. 

My virtual graveyards
Great grand parents
Great great grandparents

UPDATE: I found 1 but only the site for the other-- no memorial tablet.

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