Sunday, April 14, 2013

More cousin sharing

Another "cold call" paid off. I wrote to a previously unacquainted second cousin- we'll call him R R. RR received my snail mail letter in good health and in turn faxed it over to his auntie. We'll call her D. D is 77 years old and of sound mind and generous spirit. Not only did she entertain and answer my pesky questions but also included color copies of some very precious old photos. The stories are fascinating, the people- amazing. D's first hand descriptions and memories of her parents- the people who for a time raised my grandfather- were especially meaningful. I made her a thank you card and got that in the mail before I call or email. She included both!!

The photo with two men is my great great grandfather (on the left) and this is the first picture I have every seen of him. He died in early 1919 in the influenza pandemic.

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