Saturday, September 27, 2014

Art serves as inspiration

Like many of us, I am on a budget. It is with judicious care that I purchase and use  credits on Scotland's People website. If I had more money I might merely get the wrong answer faster. I have much to learn about Scotland's records and geography, but I think I have done fairly well so far. I was so excited when I found the name of my my fourth great grandfather in Scotish marriage records but was surprised to learned he came from Ireland. With a name like John Bright and the gross region of Ireland wasn't going to be enough to trace him. Despite already having one marriage record, I circled back and re-grouped- which gave me his full name, John McCammon Bright.  That was the key I would later come to understand but I wasn't inspired to try again in Ireland records until two things happened. One- I joined an online genealogical community, Dear Myrtle on Google+.This group shares interesting tips and resources and recently linked to an article about new Irish resources that had gone online. Two- My husband and I began watching old seasons of a BBC show- Balleykissangel. With all the shots of dark stout, the parish politics, the fairly thick accents to this naive American's ears I of course thought of my ancestors and how it was time to give it another go. I used some of the links provided in the group and paid my credits for one birth record for John McCammon Bright, son of John Bright and Eliza McCammon- baptized in Seapatrick Church of Ireland, Ballyvarly, County Down, Ireland. If I would have tried to push the process earlier, prematurely, I think I'd be writing about about being stumped by a brick wall. :)

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