Sunday, June 30, 2019

Family History Library Week

I know I've been MIA for a while. But I have still been doing research. In fact, two weeks ago I spent my week nights at the Family History Library. 
I used the whole time on only two digitized films. It was so much easier than what I remember working with the films directly a number of years ago, but the process of going through the yearly, un-transcribed indexes and then back through the images was just as slow. However, I was able to create discrete sources, save to tree, and d/l the images. I also was able to log onto Dropbox and upload the images. I was trying to save time and not do the translations there. I think the method was effective and I could work on what I retrieved for the next year and still not get through them. The prep work I did by doing specialized reports from my tree of birth, deaths, and marriages against the region meant I wasn't looking for a record that couldn't possibly be there. While the family group sheets were helpful for context, the reports formed a detailed checklist for record retrieval.
I also learned more about the Family Search Community feature; the volunteers and staff who work at the FHL do indeed monitor the groups. Once I have my work in order, I plan to utilize two of the groups I joined to help with the tricky bits. 
I think I am close to making enough of a connection between these records and the records hosted at

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