Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Long Wait

UPS notification service told me I had a package from VA VBA EAO 05 313 SUP SVCS24. Totally obvious what that is, right? Not me either. I hadn't ordered anything. The package arrived -not large but on the heavy side. Full of paper. 

Oh. My. Gosh. It's the veterans file of George Wolff- the Spanish American war vet- the rough rider. The tailor. 

I had done a FOIA request after the service record was not found in those archives where they normally are. I had submitted the request in June if 2013. And now it was finally here. 

I now have:
His village of birth in Poland. 
His wife's maiden name, her exact birthdate, her parents names. 
I also have the church where they got married and the exact date of their marriage.
The birthdates of all their children.
Two affidavits from people they " knew all their lives" that attended their wedding. 
Eye color, height, weight, ( he was only 5'4") 
I also know now that he suffered a stroke while gardening. 

Things I expected to find in there but did not:
His parents names.
More info on his actual time in service. The one paper that relates to that is entirely illegible- the orginal dark or shiny somehow - the photocopy I can pull out the words "faithful" and "Cuba". 

Overall I'm thrilled! 

Made me giggle:
Is there an official or church record of your marriage: yes

If yes, where: in the church

It's as if my husband filled out the form.  

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