Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Where in Poland? -What I know so far...

As part of the inspiration for the title of this blog, the changing boundary lines of entire countries in Europe means you have to do your research and align times with locations. The birthplace of George Wolff is proving to be difficult nut to crack. I am sure I am missing something here, so I will lay out what I know in hopes I can refocus.

I already know I am missing:

  • His location in 1900 (guessing Chicago, IL)
  • His passenger log

I believe that George was born on April 26 (or 23rd) 1872 in Poland. I do not know his mother or father's name. I believe he immigrated to the United States when he was 16 years old in 1892 by way of rotterdam, Holland in New York. In August of 1898 he joined the Troop L (a supply troop), 8th Regiment of U.S. Cavalry. George worked as some sort of tailor. George was honorably discharged in May of 1899.

George married Mary Rylichicka in 1900. George applied for naturalization before 1904. George was granted a soldiers naturalization in October of 1904. The couple began having children right away. Their eldest, Konrad, was born in 1902. And then ... On George's x number child, Alicia, Alicya 's birth certificate, her father is is listed is as Wojciech Wolf. And they live at 22 Ayers Court. On George's naturalization paperwork, one year previous George lists 22 Aris Court. But, George's birth location is listed as Russia.

I learned that Wojciech, although not necessarily accurate Anglicization, is often transformed to Albert.  Later in life, George went by George Albert Wolff.

On his x number son in 1913, Edmund, the birth certificate also stated his name was Wojciech Wolf.  Sadly, George lost his son Edmund aka "Eddie"from a ruptured appendix when Eddie was only 22 years old. On Eddie's death certificate in 1935, George is recorded as being from Germany. And, Wojciech Wolf has been replaced with George Wolff.

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